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Solar Panels in Northampton

If you’re looking for solar panels in Northampton and the surrounding area, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert and experienced team at Ecostar is dedicated to helping local homeowners assess if solar panels are a viable alternative to the National Grid for their homes.

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Top Rated Solar Panel Installers in Northampton

By switching to solar power, you could free yourself from reliance on traditional electrical grids, save on energy bills, and recoup some of your investment. The past ten years have seen tremendous advancements in solar technology, making this the ideal time to consider transitioning to a solar-powered home. By doing so, you’d be doing your part to help Britain achieve its aim of lowering its reliance on fossil fuels by 2050.

If you’re curious about the savings and what solar panel installation could do for your home, contact our staff through our online contact form to learn more.


GE Approved Installers

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Gas, Electric & Solar

Compare Your Energy Costs

When you speak with our professional team, we’ll be able to give you more information about comparing the cost of solar panel systems with the cost of energy.

Keep in mind that across the UK, four in five dwellings use mains gas for central heating. Gas, which has increased in price by 129% in 2022. The price of energy increased by roughly 66%.

Local Solar Panel Installers

Speak with our experienced team about your system

When you get in touch with our team to install Northampton solar panels we can discuss your energy supplier and possible government schemes for renewable energy with you. Speak with us about whether you're looking for solar panels installed, batteries, or both! We'll be able to assess your roofline.

Schedule a solar panel installation

After assessing your home or business premises, we can ensure that we get your next solar panels and batteries and combining them with heat pumps, creating a cost-effective system that can help reduce your reliance on traditional power suppliers.

Getting a professional service

Once we've installed your solar panels or batteries, we can offer you certificates of our work, which can be helpful for property sales.

Carbon Footprint & Carbon Emissions

You might be considering renewable energy to reduce your carbon footprint, for good reason. For example, households currently account for 26% of greenhouse gas emissions across the UK. That’s not surprising when you consider that in only 15% of local authority, districts have a majority of households above a C rating.

Put another way, in 85% of local authority districts, over half the households are rated below C. That could be you. Take a look at our map to see the energy efficiency of your area.

Why Choose Ecostar and Solar Energy

There are several benefits when choosing a solar system

Generate Electricity & Free Power

The market can be unpredictable, and homes dependent on their local electrical supplier have little control over monthly prices. Homes that produce their own electricity enjoy independence from the market's volatility. Consider switching to green energy today!

Clean Power Solution

Unlike fossil fuels, solar PV installations are long-lasting, providing energy reliably for years to come. powered with heat pumps they can both heat and produce hot water for your company or home.

Combat Rising Energy Prices

Solar panels and batteries are an investment in the long term energy efficiency of your home. After ten years, most solar panels remake the initial investment.

Government Approved

In the past twenty years, there have been numerous schemes to support homeowners who are trying to transition to greener energy.

EV Charging

Did you know that when you install solar panels, you can use them as a sustainable way to charge your electric vehicle

Accredited Installer

Eco-Star Solar, is an accredited solar panel installer, with both MCS and HIES. That way you know that you're working with an approved contractor that has insurance-backed guarantees.

Reducing Fossil Fuel Dependence

Climate change isn't the only reason to choose solar panels and batteries. In the past few years, we've seen that dependence on fossil fuels means the market is highly susceptible to foreign suppliers and market fluctuations. Smal business that only operate during the day may not even incur the additional cost of battery installations as there prime usage will be during daylight hours.

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Find out more about our different products and why they are the perfect fit for you. Let us know if you’re in Birmingham, Milton Keynes, or similar areas. We offer solar panel installation in all these areas

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries can help you store surplus energy created during the day, whilst you’re away. Furthermore, they’re indispensable if you are part of a SEG…

Request a Free Quote and Expert Advice

Speak with our team about your next solar panel installation. We can help you find out all that you need to know about calculating kWh, assessing the roof angle and shade of your home or business, and finding out the number of solar PV panels that will be most efficient. Find out how much energy you can save learn more about the products, and our reviews, and get an initial quote today.

Find Out More About the Renewable Energy Industry

Read more about how renewable energy can be right for you and your home. Whether you’re in Birmingham, Milton Keynes, or further afield, we can help you with more information today.

Solar PV panels can work in the shade, however, they have reduced efficiency, and being underneath trees can dirty them. Our company installers will make sure that we assess your roof for shade and the best angle for maximum sunlight. 

Solar panel installers, like Ecostar Solar, will attach weather-resistant mounting systems to create a scaffold that is attached to the roof for the solar panels to rest on. 

AC, or alternating current, is the electricity your solar panels generate. However, AC power must be converted to DC for your home or business use. If you sell back to an energy supplier or National Grid, you will sell back AC.

Your solar panel installer can explain how the inverter works within your system.

When you contact us, we can help you find more ways to reduce energy consumption. We typically recommend that you consider several crucial areas of your home: your level of insulation and the highest energy-consuming products in the household.

Solar panels and battery storage can help cover some of your energy consumption, depending on the number of panels you install (also known as an array).

Choose the solar panel installer that’s right for you.

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