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Domestic Solar Panels for Homes

Discover the benefits of harnessing solar energy with domestic solar panels for homes. Explore how this clean, renewable power source works to reduce energy bills and support a sustainable future, making solar panels an essential addition to modern homes.

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Residential solar panels significantly reduce electricity bills, offering long-term savings and a strong return on investment.


Adopting solar power enhances a business's green credentials, contributing to environmental conservation and reducing carbon footprint.


Solar panels provide a dependable energy source, ensuring stability and reducing dependence on unpredictable fossil fuel markets.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Installing solar panels presents a transformative opportunity for homeowners to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint significantly. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity by harnessing the sun’s power, a renewable and inexhaustible energy source, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional power sources.

This shift not only results in substantial savings on electricity bills but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable planet. Solar panels are an investment in beneficial solar technology, yielding surplus solar energy that can further reduce costs through intelligent energy management and feed-in tariffs.

Embracing solar energy supports environmental conservation efforts and aligns with global initiatives to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, making it a wise choice for those looking to impact the planet while enjoying positive financial benefits.

Types of Solar Panel Systems for Residential Use

Exploring the various types of solar panels available for residential use is crucial for homeowners considering transitioning to solar energy. These systems differ in functionality, efficiency, and application, catering to diverse energy needs and preferences.

From traditional solar PV panels that generate electricity to innovative hybrid systems providing power and hot water, understanding these options can help you select the most suitable solar solution for your home. Here’s a closer look at four types of solar panels for homes, each offering unique benefits.

Solar PV Panels

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels convert sunlight directly into DC electricity, which is then converted to AC electricity by an inverter. This type of solar PV system is ideal for reducing utility bills.

You can even sell excess solar energy back to the grid via schemes like the feed-in tariff. They're efficient and suitable for rooftops. A PV system like this can generate significant energy savings over time.

Solar Thermal Panels

Solar thermal panels utilise sunlight to heat water, providing a renewable source of hot water. This highly efficient system of domestic solar panels reduces energy bills and carbon emissions, making it a practical choice for eco-conscious homeowners.

Ground Mounted Panels

Not all solar panels need to be installed on the roof. This type of solar system offers flexibility in orientation and angle for optimal sunlight exposure. It is ideal for homes with small or unsuitable roofs that still want efficient solar panels and those with abundant land who want to generate more electricity.

Hybrid Solar Panels

Developed by the world's leading scientists, hybrid solar panels combine photovoltaic and thermal technology, with the panel generating electricity and hot water. This dual functionality makes these solar panels a comprehensive energy solution, maximising the efficiency and utility of solar panels for your home.

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Our Services for Residential Homeowners

Offering a comprehensive range of solar panel services in the Northamptonshire area ensures homeowners enjoy the full spectrum of benefits from their solar PV system. From initial installation to ongoing maintenance to ensure the solar panels work for years to come, each service is designed to enhance your solar power journey.

Solar Panel Installation

Our expert team handles every aspect of solar panel installation, from assessing how much electricity you need and ensuring all the panels are optimally positioned and securely mounted for maximum energy production. We manage the entire installation process of your solar system, from site assessment to connecting your solar panels to the grid.

Solar Energy Storage Solutions

Enhance your solar PV system with our energy storage solutions, allowing you to store excess solar energy during off-peak hours. Our solar battery storage options provide reliability and energy independence, reducing reliance on your local energy company.

Maintenance & Servicing

Regular maintenance is crucial for your solar PV system's performance once you install solar panels. Our solar maintenance services include system checks, battery storage replacement, performance monitoring, heat pump checks and necessary adjustments to ensure your solar panels operate at peak efficiency year-round.

Cleaning & Upkeep

Maximise the efficiency of your solar panels with our professional cleaning service. Dirt, dust, and debris can significantly reduce your solar PV systems' effectiveness. Our cleaning service for solar installations ensures all the solar panels work efficiently, helping you reduce electricity costs.

Customer Reviews

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I was extremely pleased with the service provided. A pre-installation visit ensured everything was for the job. Work on the day was quick and efficient. Post-installation support was outstanding, and payment was requested only upon completion. Highly recommend their services.”

We recently installed a complete system by EcoStar – a Givenergy 3.7kWh inverter, a 9.5kWh battery, and a 13-panel setup. Delighted with every aspect of the service. The team was professional, efficient, and neat.”

Since our system was installed, it’s generated more power than expected, and we’ve not had to pay for electricity. I am eager to see the benefits of feeding back into the grid. Thanks, EcoStar Solar.”6. Financing and Costs


Our FAQ section is designed to address some of the most common inquiries we receive.

Solar panels are a renewable energy source that absorbs the sun’s energy and converts it to free electricity. Solar panels convert the sunlight into DC electricity, and an inverter then converts this to AC electricity, which can power your home, providing heat and hot water as well as charging your electric vehicle. You will require a battery storage solution to store energy, and if you generate more electricity than you need, the excess electricity can be sold back to National Grid via the smart export guarantee.

The number of solar panels fitted to power a house varies based on energy consumption, panel efficiency, and sunlight exposure. Typically, a home might need between 10 to 20 panels to cover its energy needs, but this can vary widely depending on specific circumstances and energy usage.

Martin Lewis advocates for adopting solar power and other renewable technologies. Still, he advises consumers to approach cautiously, particularly regarding offers of ‘free’ panels and financing options for solar panel installations involving debt. He underscores the necessity of conducting thorough research and being fully informed of potential risks before installing solar panels.

Solar panels for your home can be a valuable investment. A solar panel system provides free energy, and you can sell surplus electricity back to the grid to offset installation costs, all whilst reducing your carbon footprint. Various factors to consider when installing solar PV systems include location, installation cost, how much energy you need to run household appliances, and the available incentives or tariffs to ensure solar panels save you money.

The size of the solar panel system needed to power a house depends on the household’s average energy consumption and the panels’ efficiency. An average home may require a solar PV system ranging from 4kW to 8kW, translating to about 12 to 24 panels, to meet its electricity needs effectively. North-facing roofs may need extra PV panels to provide the right amount of usable electricity.

The biggest issue with solar panels often relates to the initial installation costs, which can be high. However, this is mitigated by long-term savings on your electricity bill, UK government incentives, and solar panel financing options. Other challenges include whether your roof is suitable; for example, flat roofs may require a mounting system, and the variable efficiency of panels depends on weather conditions and location.

Most solar installations do not require planning permission. However, if you live in a listed building or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it’s always wise to seek advice before installing a solar PV system.

How to Get Started with EcoStar Solar

Ready to embrace the power of the sun? Begin your solar journey with EcoStar Solar, where sustainable energy solutions meet exceptional service. The more energy you use, the more beneficial solar panels will be. Here’s how to leap into a brighter, greener future with renewable energy generated by the sun:

Get Your Solar Quote

Start with a free, no-obligation quote from EcoStar Solar. Our expert team will assess how many solar PV panels you need and recommend an efficient battery storage solution. We will also determine whether you require planning permission and explain the Smart Export Guarantee, which allows you to sell surplus electricity back to the grid. All this provides a tailored solar panel system that fits your home and budget.

Select Your Installer

Choosing the right installer is crucial for solar panel installations. With EcoStar Solar, you’re selecting a team of certified professionals in solar panels committed to excellence. We ensure a seamless and efficient installation process from start to finish.

Prepare for solar PV Installation

We’ll guide you through every step of the preparation process, from working out how many panels you’ll need, what battery solution is required to store the electricity generated and how surplus energy can make you money. This ensures your property is ready for a smooth and successful solar panel system installation.

Start your solar PV journey with EcoStar Solar

Taking the first step towards renewable energy is easy with EcoStar Solar. Contact us today to get your customised quote for solar panels and join the growing number of homeowners embracing solar power installations and switching to a cleaner, more sustainable future.