What Is Solar Energy?

9 November 2023

What Is Solar Energy?

As the years go by, solar energy has started to pop up in the news due to the ongoing price increases of electricity and global warming. Along with the pressure of global warming and fossil fuels targets, both home and business owners across Britain are starting to seek new sources of electricity. 

Here at Ecostar Solar, we install solar energy systems in homes in and around the Midlands. These solar energy systems are solar panels and batteries that work together to create greener and reliable electricity for homes and businesses. Our expert team can help you become more independent from the grid. 

Solar panels source electricity from the sun and generate enough power for your home. However, solar batteries can allow you to store that excess energy for later or give you the opportunity to sell to the grid. We now have advanced technology that allows us to find alternative solutions to sourcing electricity that is not only good for the environment but also helps the home.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

You may be wondering how solar energy works and how reliable it is. 

Solar energy is a green and renewable source of electricity that researchers are continuing to find ways to advance and better the system. Powered by the photovoltaic effect, solar panels can convert sunlight to effectively power any home. This system works by the solar panels absorbing sunlight photons and freeing electrons from the negative layer of a silicon-based photovoltaic cell. They then transfer them to the positive layer, where the movement of electrons generates an electric current to power homes. 

The solar panel’s direct current (DC) transforms into alternating current (AC), which is the standard form of electricity for residential and business properties. This whole process is done quickly without you noticing and doesn’t damage the environment in any way. Therefore, it provides us with a perfect solution for powering our homes and meeting our goal for a greener future.

What Will Solar Energy Do For My Home?

Installing solar energy systems into your home may be daunting at first as it’s still relatively new and expensive. However, solar panels and batteries can provide your home with many valuable benefits that are hard to find elsewhere. Read below to find out more.

Greener Planet

As mentioned earlier, solar energy systems provide enough electricity to last you the whole day. Solar panels source electricity currents from the sun, a natural source of energy. Without needing to dig up the ground for coal and other types of fuel, we can naturally generate energy without disturbing the planet. This system will help lower our personal carbon footprints and find renewable and clean energy sources. Within a few decades, we could beat our target of reducing our fossil fuel consumption.

Reliable Energy All Year Round

Due to advanced technology, solar panels can generate electricity all year round, even on dark, cloudy days. When installing solar panels into your home, you can provide your home with a personalised amount of electricity. You will no longer have to worry about increased prices or power cuts as they will keep generating by themselves.

Installation Process

Here at EcoStar Solar, we don’t want to inconvenience your life while we install your new solar panels and batteries. That’s why our expert team assesses your home to find the best solution and arrangements for solar panels for maximum efficiency. We also aim to install our solar energy systems as quickly as we can so you can go back to your regular daily routine.

Solar Energy Prices

If reading about solar energy systems has inspired you to install solar panels and batteries in your home, then contact our team today. 

Give us a call at 01604 55 60 10 or use our online contact form, and we can provide you with an initial quote.

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