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If you want to make your Coventry home more environmentally friendly, Ecostar Solar is the perfect starting point. We are the top solar battery installer in Coventry, Leicester, Northampton, Oxford, Luton, Cambridge, and surrounding areas. Our services range from the installation of brand-new solar panels to retrofitting batteries onto already installed solar panels, complete with cutting-edge energy-saving technology. If you’re interested in learning more about solar batteries and installations, feel free to contact our team. We will help you determine whether solar energy is a good choice for your Coventry home. 

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Zero VAT

The government announced in April 2022 that there will be no value-added tax (VAT) on domestic energy-saving products until 2027.

Potential Savings*

See how much money you may be saving right now by using the Energy Savings Trust’s calculator.

Reduced Reliance on Suppliers

With your own solar batteries, you’ll be able to use the electricity that you generate on your own time scale.

Store Energy For Later Use

Benefits of Solar Batteries

The addition of solar batteries is a great solution for energy storage, as the energy generated from solar panels may go to waste otherwise. People are increasingly turning to solar batteries to reduce their reliance on grids, sell surplus power back to the electrical grid, and lessen their carbon footprint.

Our expert team can provide you with details about energy companies participating in the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) program in the Coventry region.

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Reduced Reliance on Grids

Generating and storing electricity on your property with solar panels and batteries grants you total freedom from the National Grid.

Our qualified staff will handle everything from initial measurements to final installation, making the process of adding solar batteries to your home simple and easy.

Easy Installation

Adding solar batteries is a straightforward process whether you’re installing solar panels for the first time or retrofitting your current panels with a battery.

Everything, from the initial measurements to the last installation, will be handled by our qualified staff. 

Life Sustainable

Solar batteries make solar energy more dependable, regardless of weather conditions.

By purchasing solar batteries to go along with your solar panels, you can utilise more of the solar energy you generate, transforming your home into a private energy island.

Personal Supply

There is no substitute for the autonomy offered by solar batteries.

Your home will become a private energy island when you are able to use more of the energy you produce for whatever your lifestyle demands.


Why Choose Solar Batteries?

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With the SEG program, you have the opportunity to recover the cost of a solar battery over time, depending on the amount of extra energy you produce.

Get in touch with us to discuss the advantages of returning surplus energy to utility companies.

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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Installing solar panels with batteries is a great approach to storing green energy more efficiently, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar power is one of the best sources of renewable energy, and solar batteries allow you to store that energy for later use.

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Renewable Energy

By investing in solar batteries, you’re investing in a source of energy that will never run out and could supply your Coventry home with energy for many years.

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Are you ready to install solar batteries and store your energy for your personal use? Then contact our team. We’ll be delighted to speak to you about prices, deals and more.

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Over the past few years, solar batteries have gained tremendous popularity. When you consider the extra benefits, it makes sense. 

First of all, solar panels generate the most energy during the day when the sun is at its peak. However, most people aren’t at home during the day to use the generated energy. This could lead to electricity being wasted if there is no way to capture and conserve it. Instead, consider storing energy in solar batteries for later use. 

Additionally, if you reserve energy for later use, you might not use it all and end up with extra energy. This is a fantastic chance to consider alternative uses for the extra electricity. To try and recoup the installation costs, you could, for example, sell the extra energy back to the grid.

Here are a few of the Smart Export Guarantee’s (SEG) most frequently asked questions regarding batteries.

How much do energy suppliers offer per kWh?

Energy prices are updated continuously based on market supply and demand. You can expect to receive compensation between 1 and 15 pence per kWh for the energy stored in your solar batteries, depending on the SEG-licensed energy provider in the Coventry area.

Which companies offer SEG rates?

  • E.On*
  • Octopus Energy*
  • Shell Energy
  • British Gas
  • EDF*
  • Bulb
  • Pozitive Energy
  • SO Energy
  • OVO
  • SSE
  • Utilita
  • Bulb
  • Utility Warehouse
  • EDF
  • E


*Certain companies offer higher rates to their own customers.

Check the SEG supplier list on the Ofgem website.

How long will it take to recoup my costs?

Recovering costs without the aid of a grant or other program could take up to 9 years, depending on the cost of energy at the time. We strongly advise considering schemes such as SEG when switching to solar, as solar batteries and panels are a long-term investment in your Coventry home and future.


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