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Solar Panel Repairs in Northampton

Welcome to our dedicated page for solar panel repairs in Northampton, where we emphasise the significance of maintenance packages for your solar system to ensure optimal performance. Discover professional repair services for common issues affecting solar power systems.

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Maximise your solar PV power system output with regular repairs, ensuring peak performance and energy production.


Extend the lifespan of your solar panels through timely maintenance, protecting your investment for years to come.


Reduce energy bills and avoid costly replacements with regular solar panel repairs, securing your financial savings.

Why Choose Professional Solar Panel Repairs

Opting for professional solar panel repairs and solar panel maintenance over DIY approaches offers many benefits. Using professional solar companies for maintenance work offers customers reliability, experience, and a depth of knowledge that ensures every panel repair is conducted accurately and efficiently. Such expertise guarantees your solar panel system is producing as much energy as required and provides peace of mind, knowing that your investment is in capable hands.

Promptly addressing repairs with professional services can save money as it prevents minor issues from escalating into significant, costly problems. Moreover, a professional maintenance service supports optimal power generation, enhancing the overall efficiency of your system. Trusting experienced professionals for your solar panel repairs and maintenance ensures your system operates at its best, securing your solar systems investment’s value and performance.

Our Solar Panel Repair Services

Frequent issues with solar panel systems installed in Northampton include damaged panels, system malfunctions, and inverter failures. Local weather conditions and environmental factors can significantly impact the integrity and performance resulting in solar panels generating less power, necessitating timely repairs to avoid disruption in energy generation.

Our comprehensive repair service addresses many issues, from inverter repair and panel replacement to thorough system checks and new battery storage for older systems. Our solar panel maintenance process begins by offering customers a detailed inspection to identify faults in the solar heating panels or inverters, followed by expert repairs and regular solar panel maintenance to ensure your system’s optimal performance.

Inverter Repair and Replacement

A solar inverter is crucial for solar system operation as it converts DC electricity into AC electricity. Unfortunately, they do sometimes suffer from a few issues often due to faulty installation. In most cases, a system fault can be detected by the generation meter and it may be as simple as a trip switch. However, inverters can deliver a fatal electric shock so it's always better to seek advice from a reputable company.

Our solar panel maintenance service includes diagnosing inverter failures and efficiently repairing or replacing them to restore your system's functionality. The cost of solar inverters will vary depending on the model and number of panels you have. Trust our experts to handle complex electrical systems with precision and care.

Panel Replacement and Maintenance

Debris on your roof like bird droppings and leaves can damage solar panels as can bad weather like hail and this can stop them from working correctly, Solar panel systems also suffer from cell degeneration over time and you may need to replace them. We offer solar PV panel replacement services to address wear, tear, or damage. Regular maintenance for dirty panels is also provided to prevent future issues and ensure your solar system operates efficiently.

System Health Checks

Regular system checks are essential for maintaining the health of your solar power system. Our service includes comprehensive evaluations of electrical systems like inverters, battery storage and generation meters, plus an overall system performance to identify and resolve issues with your solar panels, ensuring long-term reliability and electricity-generating efficiency.

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Customer Reviews

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I am delighted with the service provided. A pre-installation visit ensured everything was set for the job. The work was completed quickly and effectively. The aftercare was outstanding, and payment was requested only upon job completion. I highly recommend them.

I recently installed a complete system by EcoStar – a Givenergy 3.7kWh inverter, 9.5kWh battery, and a 13-panel array. Delighted with every part of the service. The team was professional and efficient and kept everything tidy.

Since our installation, we’ve generated much more energy than expected and haven’t had to pay for electricity. We are excited to see the returns from the grid—a big thank you to Eco Star Solar.


Dive into our detailed FAQ section to learn about the importance of professional panel repairs.

Yes, a damaged solar panel can often be repaired, depending on the extent of the damage. It’s crucial to have a professional assess the panel to determine if a repair can restore its functionality. Prompt repairs can prevent further damage to your roof solar PV system and maintain efficiency.

If something is wrong with your solar panels, the first indication will probably be found by checking the generation meter. Installers shoudd leave you with an MCS certificate which will advise you of the estimated annual generation figure. If the PV system is not working correctly and not producing as much power as expected this will be evident by checking the meter.

The first step is to check for visible damage such as a build up of dirt or obstructions. If something is apparent, it’s advisable to contact a professional company who specialises in solar PV systems. They can perform a detailed inspection to identify what is wrong and rectify the issue, ensuring your system returns to generating the correct power supply.

Solar panels even self cleaning ones require regular servicing to ensure they operate efficiently and produce the correct amount of electricity. Regular maintenance can identify and address potential issues before they lead to significant problems, extending the lifespan and improving the performance of your solar PV system.

Qualified UK electricians with experience in solar PV systems can perform repairs and maintenance on most solar panels. However, choosing an electrician or technician specifically trained for solar PV installations and certified in solar technology is essential to ensure they have the expertise to diagnose and fix any issues accurately.

Your solar system can stop working for several reasons, including inverter failure, electrical system issues, or damaged panels because of a build up of dirt. This page talks more about our service for cleaning solar panels in Northampton.

It’s vital to have a professional company like Ecostar diagnose the problem, as reputable UK installers, they can provide the appropriate solution to get your solar PV system back up and running efficiently.

Signs that your solar panels may be faulty include:

  • A significant drop in energy production.
  • Visible damage to the solar panels.
  • Alerts from your solar monitoring system.

If you suspect your solar panels are faulty, it’s advisable to contact a solar repair professional for advice. They will conduct a thorough inspection of your home or business and perform any necessary repairs to your panels or solar inverter.

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